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East Coast Premiere

Director: Aryasb Feiz

Iran, 2023, 17 min

Festival Year:2024


Genres:Drama, Thriller

WINNER: Best Animation

Crew:Writer and Producer: Aryasb Feiz, Executive Producer: Sadia Ashraf


Set in Shiraz, Iran, this thrilling and poignant tale follows a resilient 10-year-old street urchin grappling with daily hardships. His father's life hangs in the balance, relying on him to secure life-saving medicine. Amidst the struggle, an extraordinary bond forms between the young protagonist and a stray dog, altering their lives forever. Together, they find solace, hope, and transformation amidst challenging circumstances.


About the director

Aryasb, originally from Shiraz, Iran, was drawn to the world of animation through beloved Disney classics and Pixar films. After studying painting at Azad University of Tehran and completing AnimationMentor online courses, he pursued a career in CG animation. Transitioning from animator to writer/director, he founded BadStache Studios in 2014, creating his own short animations. Alongside filmmaking, Aryasb has taught character animation for over a decade, influencing aspiring animators globally. His acclaimed work, such as "Mr. Indifferent," has garnered widespread recognition, earning numerous awards and over 200 million views online, inspiring kindness education worldwide.
Aryasb's film "Tomorrow" earned the Best Animation award at the Foyle Film Festival and is now eligible for the 2025 Oscars

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Filmmaker's note

Written and directed by award-winning animation maven, Aryasb Feiz, it is a poignant tale of youth and yearning set in 70s Iran. A scrappy 10-year-old urchin struggles to survive the day-to-day hardships of Iranian street life and forms a friendship with a stray dog forever changing their lives. The child and the process of growing up are common metaphors for the regeneration and renewal of society, while childhood is seen as the equivalent of humanity in its infancy. The Iranian talent packed such themes of childhood to explore the ambiguity of human morality. At the core of the story lies the tale of poverty and how it affects a society's morality.

This short film has been meticulously crafted by the resilient BadStache Studio, an independent animation studio based in Iran. Despite navigating through substantial challenges, including sanctions and the ongoing pandemic, over the course of 6 years, more than 30 Iranian artists devoted their efforts to bringing this project to life.

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