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The Holy Trinity

(De Heilige Drie-eenheid)
US Premiere

Director: Martijn van de Griendt

Netherlands, 2024, 70 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Category:Documentary Feature

Crew:Writer: Martijn van de Griendt. Producer: Martijn van de Griendt. Sound: Anneloes Pabbruwee; Camera: Eva Heinsbroek, Martijn van de Griendt; Editing: Sander Kuipers; Sound Design: Soundcircus, Kees Kroot & Zeno Hehenkamp; Color grading & DCP: Pepijn Klijs; Animation: Bas Mooij; Drawing: Paul Faassen; Music end credits: Thomas Azier; Translation: Gijs van Osch; Graphic design: Eva van der Schans; Logo See My Darlings: Roy Gilsing.


A coming-of-age film about three best friends from Eindhoven, the Netherlands: Alex Sophie, Emma and Robbie. Three emo kids aged 15 and 16, going through the main developmental stage of life, on their way to adulthood. The camera intimately shows their boldness and strength, but also the vulnerability of the teenagers.

Filmmaker Martijn van de Griendt captures them during the summer of their high school graduation. He paints a loving portrait of young people dealing with insecurities, loneliness, friendship and love.


About the director

Martijn van de Griendt has been photographing teenagers all over the world for 30 years now. As a street photographer, working in the tradition of Ed van der Elsken, Van de Griendt records a generation of young people, still searching for its identity, in an open and direct way. His photos form an exceptional overview of the younger generation, then and now, in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.

Martijn van de Griendt works for many magazines and newspapers in The Netherlands. Alongside this, Van de Griendt records a fast-changing Western society in thematically-based series, which often encompass many years of work.

Martijn van de Griendt has made his first film documentary in 2017. A film about a girl named Maria. (Maria I Need Your Lovin’, Dutch National television) He was taking polaroid's of Maria, whom he met on the streets of his hometown Eindhoven. One year later he bought a video camera and started his very first documentary. Together with the film he released a photobook about Maria, containing a large selection of the polaroid's that he took over a period of nine years.

Since his movie about Maria Van de Griendt had the plan of making a documentary about teenagers. In the beginning of 2022 he met three teenagers, Alex Sophie, Emma & Robbie, on the same spot as where he had met Maria. He took pictures of them for half a year and then decided that they were the perfect teenagers for his second film. The kids graduated from high school last summer and Van de Griendt followed them for a story about friendship, insecurity and loss. The result is a touching film with a lot of music about three close friends in their last summer together. (The Holy Trinity)


Filmmaker's note

I am a storyteller. I see stories in people's lives. I write, I film, I capture people with my camera. And I'm particularly fascinated by today's youth. After all these years I can say that youngsters are my specialty. I am intrigued by their vulnerability and the story behind it. They are engaged in a process of searching for their own identity.

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