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Mature Parts

World Premiere

Director: Holle Singer

United States, 2023, 10 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Wendy Foxworth, Gary Giddens, Jolie Curtsinger, Tarik Daniels

Crew:Writers: Rainer Magik, Holle Singer. Producer: Holle Singer.


An aging actress struggling with her career is offered an unexpected role.

About the director

Holle Singer did not go to film school.

Having worked as an editor cutting commercials, music videos, features and documentaries for past 25 years, she learned about film by cutting them.

Mature Parts is the most recent film where she grabbed a camera, grabbed some friends and wrote something that was interesting and meaningful to her.

She currently lives and creates in Brooklyn with her husband, Rainer, and their cat, Littles.

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Filmmaker's note

I've worked in the industry for a long time. I understand the challenge of feeling relevant. Sometimes the greatest difficulties help us to appreciate what is really important in our lives.

Image is everything where I work. I made a conscious choice to not go with the slick and the polished for this short film. Instead, my husband and I wrote a script, grabbed our cameras and invited our dream cast of friends who we both admire and respect. In the safety of our small crew, together we explored what was real for us all. We had a lot of fun in the process. I hope some people might have fun watching.

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