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East Coast Premiere

Director: Matt Pidgeon

Ireland, 2023, 2 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2024


Cast:PJ Gallagher, Kevin Mc Gahern

Crew:Writer: Matt Pidgeon. Producer: Deirdre Griffin.


On a bridge over the river Liffey a young man stands on the edge of life and death. Startled by a talking seagull he drops his phone into the water below. A passing meteor shower rekindles his wonder and helps to put his problems into perspective.


About the director

Matthew Pidgeon is a director, writer and animator based in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked on a long list of commercials, TV shows and movies including “Lockout” and “A Good Day to Die Hard”. This is his first narrative short film although he has previously directed a music video and TV commercial. He is co-founder of Trickshot Films, an independent animation studio based in Dun Laoghaire.

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Filmmaker's note

This is a light hearted story that deals with a challenging subject. The inquisitive seagull manages to lead the young man away from the ledge and to make sure that he's safe for now. In a world of miraculous communication and unlimited information how do we keep a sight of our place in the universe and retain our wonder?

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