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RUN OVER - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Martin Menzel

Germany, 2003, 12 min

Festival Year:2004

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Kai Wiesinger, Chantal de Freitas, Daniella Erdmann, Sven Martinek

Crew:Producer: Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv GmbH &Co. KG - Screenwriter, Editor: Martin Menzel -Cinematographer: Guntram Franke - Original Score: - Sound: Henning Lohner

Sales:Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv - Berlin, Germany - T: 0049 345 4701340 - F: 0049 345 4701348


The movie takes place in a smoky nobel nightclub where rich singles meet to dance and take drinks at the bar of Ulrich the barkeeper. The attractive Sandrine is the center of the club, but unreachable for all men. Frank, a goodlooking, melancholic man in the club leaves with Sylvia a lonley housewife. Overwhelmed with his hot kisses she is unable to drive concentrated. Suddenly the silhouette of a woman appears in front of the car. Sylvia, incapable to evade, directly crashes into the woman who is dead immediately. The dead woman is Sandrine. What is to do now? Frank makes a fast decision - hit and run away before it is noticed. The next day Sylvia meets Frank in the nightclub: someone has observed the deed and is now blackmailing her. This is the beginning of a rough and fraudulent play that ends surprisingly.

About the director

Martin Menzel (born in 1979) is screenwriter and director of the short "Run Over" (FAHRERFLUCHT). He works for the german television ZDF. One of his first projects "Flowers Do Not Lie" (2000) has been broadcasted by the German television. The plot of "Run Over" is based on a novel by Henner Kotte. His main interest is focused on the challenge to anticipate the spectators interpretation instead of refering on the classical way of cinematic storytelling.

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