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Director: Adam Parrish King

United States, 2006, 15 min

Shooting Format:16mm

Festival Year:2006


Cast:Jonathan Sayres, Pedro Pano, Kathleen Demarest, John Kilker

Crew:Producer: Monique Zavistovski - Editor: Monique Zavistovski & Adam Parrish King - Original Score: Steven Gutheinz - Costume Design: Moe Moe Lwin - Vocalist: Magdalena Birczynska - Faculty Mentor: Brenda Goodman

Sales:Adam Parrish King c/o University of Southern California, 2257 Ewing Street #4, Los Angeles, CA 90039 - T: 323-662-6140


On a cold, winter street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, in a worn-down shoebox apartment, lives a teenage boy named Felix. It's just him and his unresponsive, deadbeat mom who leaves her son to fend for himself. Often, Felix will pilfer from the local corner store the bare necessities - candy bars, TV dinners, booze - and he does this under the seemingly unsuspecting noses of Mr. H, the kindly corner store owner, and his dog, Mitzie. These recent December nights, one year since Mrs. H died, when the shops have closed and a haze drifts across the moonlit Brooklyn rooftops, Mr. H returns home to replay his and his wife's favorite Polish ballads on an old 78. Felix can hear the music and Mr. H crying through the floorboards above. The loneliness felt by Felix and his upstairs neighbor, even Mitzie who's kept behind in the shop at night to keep the rats away, pervades the spaces they all share. Planning his holiday departure, Mr. H asks Felix if he would be willing to mind Mitzie and the store while he's away. When Felix accepts, it's up to him either to reciprocate the benevolence Mr. H has always shown him, or perpetuate the cycle of neglect he's been handed down as a family legacy.

About the director

Adam Parrish King grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, the son of two scientists. He studied painting and sculpture in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, then went on to the M.F.A. program in film production at the University of Southern California, where Adam produced "The Wraith of Cobble Hill" as his thesis film. Currently, Adam works in animation and sound design in Los Angeles.

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