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JOURNEY TO MARS - still #1


(Viaje a Marte)
NY Premiere

Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella

Argentina, 2004, 16 min

Shooting Format:DVCam

Festival Year:2006


WINNER: Best Animation (ex æquo)

Cast:Joaquin Alsamendi, Mario Rulloni, Adolfo Stambulsky

Crew:Producers: Juan Pablo Zaramella & Silvina Cornillon - Screenwriter: Mario Rulloni & Juan Pablo Zaramella - Sound: Juan Pablo Zaramella & Gustavo Cornillon Art & Design: JP Zaramella & Silvina Cornillon

Sales:Juan Pablo Zaramella c/o JPZtudio - Argentina - T: +5411 4923 7484 - F: +5411 4923 7484


In the mid 60's, Antonio is 5 years old. He is fascinated by a TV serial about Mars, and one day he tells his grandfather that he would love to travel to Mars when he grows up. To his amazement, his grandfather offers to take him there with his tow truck. He accepts the invitation and after going through places absolutely unknown to him, they arrive to a reddish, stony, Martian-like place where they find a small roadside store. When the trip is over, Antonio returns home with a souvenir from the shop, being sure that he has been to Mars. The story continues portraying different moments of Antonio's life, all of them connected somehow with his childhood experience.

About the director

Juan Pablo Zaramella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1972. He is an independent producer who makes his own films and works for different companies. His films have been awarded prizes in several festivals around the world.

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