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ARRANGED - still #1


NY Premiere

Director: Stefan Schaefer & Diane Crespo

United States, 2007, 89 min

Shooting Format:HDCAM

Festival Year:2007

Category:Narrative Feature

WINNER: Grand Chameleon Award and Best Narrative Feature

Cast:Zoe Lister,Jones, Francis Benhamou, Marcia Jean Kurtz, John Rothman, Daniel London

Crew:Producers: Stefan Schaefer, Diane Crespo - Screenwriter: Stefan Schaefer - Editor: Erin Greenwell - Cinematographer: Dan Hersey - Original Score: Sohrab Habibion, Michael Hampton - Sound: Octavio Warnock-Graham - Executive Producer & Co-Story Writer: Yuta Silverman

Sales:Mark Litwak, Producer's Rep - Law Offices of Mark Litwak & Assoc., 433 N. Camden Drive Ste. 1010 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - T: (310) 859-9595 - F: (310) 859-0806


Two young women - one an Orthodox Jew, the other Muslim - meet and become friends as first-year teachers at a public school in Brooklyn. Over the course of the year they learn they share much in common, not least of which is that they are both going through arranged marriages.


About the director

Stefan Schaefer and Diane Crespo are founders of Cicala Filmworks, and have worked together in theater and film for over ten years. In that time they have written, directed and produced award-winning one-act plays, music videos, documentary films and narrative features. ARRANGED is their debut feature working as a directing/producing team. They are longtime Brooklyn residents.


Directors Stefan Schaefer & Diane Crespo will be available for Q&A after the screening along with many of the supporting cast and crew.

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