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US Premiere

Director: Paul Krik

United States, 2008, 85 min

Festival Year:2008

Category:Narrative Feature

WINNER: Best Producer

Cast:Elina Lowensohn, Adam Nee, Dave Coburn, Michael Burg, Tamara Knausz

Crew:Producers: Paul Krik, Katharina Lang, Ari Krepostman - Screenwriter: Paul Krik - Editor: Paul Krik & Roberto Serrini - Cinematographer: Charles Libin - Original Score: Michael Montes, John Roome, Alexander Schiebel - Sound: George Lara - Concept Director: Noah Ross - Art Director: Martina Nevermann, Willa Armbruster, Jose Barth Torres

Sales:Paul Krik - T: 917.664.6664

Email:paul AT


About the director

Paul Krik has been editing national TV commercials for 15 years and living in Brooklyn for five. When Bush won the last election he was either going to move to Amsterdam or make a movie that would change America. He made "Able Danger."

Filmmaker's note

The film was shot in Brooklyn and is in part based on the work of Sander Hicks and his revolutionary Brooklyn based cafe-bookstore, Vox Pop.


Paul Krik will be available for Q&A after the screening.

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