If you are interested in learning how to put a festival together while working in a creative and stimulating atmosphere, part time and full time volunteering positions are currently available in the following areas:

Production Coordinator
We are seeking a dedicated individual who shares our passion and curiosity for independent filmmaking. A mindful and passionate person who could manage production assistants and volunteers. The ideal candidate has experience in prepping and managing working schedules, organizing events, and leading a group of volunteers. Responsibilities may include interviewing and assigning roles to volunteers, set up and break down festival events, preparing and sending out daily calls.

The pluses about you:
– Tech Savvy, comfortable composing emails and communicating with filmmakers and members of the festival team
– Organized, interested in scheduling, staffing, and team management
– Experience in film and/or festival production is a super plus

– Availability: Negotiable, but ideally 3 days/week – 5 hours/day during pre-production. Everyday from June 3-12 (festival production) – ideally 7-8 hours/day.

Send your resume and cover letter to: volunteer@wbff.org (Development)

Must be at least 18 years old.

Period: asap through June 12.

Volunteer Coordinator
Experience in Scheduling, assign tasks to volunteers. Organize Shifts.

Period: May 24-June 12

Venue MGR
Running the venue with special attention to the film presentations, audience needs and audience voting

Period: June 1-13

Production Assistants
We are looking for a few PAs to work closely with the Production MGR throughout the production of BFF. You will be involved with the production of our promotional materials as a liaison between the office and the designer and will be asked to handle specific day-by-day tasks.

Period: May 10 through June 20

So are you interested? Need more information?
Contact us! e-mail : volunteer AT wbff.org