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REVES - still #1


Director: Adolfo Davila

Mexico, 1999, 25 min

Shooting Format:16mm

Festival Year:2000


WINNER: Grand Chameleon Award and Best Experimental

Cast:Adolfo Davila

Crew:Producer: Alexander Dahm - Music: Cafe Tacuba - Cinematographer: Guillermo Granfllo - Art Director: Ana Solares

Sales:Adolfo Davila, Mazaryk 157-3, Polanco, 11570 Mexico DF


The present is the past of the future... It is said that life goes around. Is it a circle or a circumference? Does life go around us or do we go around life? It all seems to be circular, not linear. Everyday, causality and coincidence are mixed to create destiny; every moment, tuck plays with us and we play with tuck. Everything is at risk... "REVES" is a reflection on the circle of life, a story with a circular narrative in which characters are interlaced in an absurd way through the reflection of a wheel cup. After being stolen by a thief, the wheel cup gets to the hands of a little child who plays with it as a frisbee. In the dream of a worker woman, the kid plays with the frisbee while a Chinese tourist is taking a picture in front of an Aztec pyramid. The picture is published in a tabloid: "Chinese tourist captures the image of a UFO in Teotihuacan". "REVES" is a sarcastic commentary on the influence of media over social behavior. Television has transformed reality and our expectations of it. We believe what media says: consumerism, products, information, behavior. Our lives are like those of the characters on TV. Do we invent TV characters or are we being invented by them? Everything is upside down and the world seems to go backwards. What would happen if we could play backwards the scenes of our lives? What if we could correct the sense of things? If we could have the chance to play our lives forwards and backwards as a VCR. What would be life without accidents and errors? All this is not possible but imaginable, imagination is the only way to freedom.


About the director

Adolfo Davila lives and works in Mexico City

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