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NY Premiere

Director: Toby Meakins

England, 2009, 10 min

Shooting Format:HDCAM

Festival Year:2010


Cast:Tom Stobo, Cosima Shaw, Shaun French, Sadao Ueda, Rachel Hepworth

Crew:Producer: Toby Meakins - Screenwriter: Toby Meakins, Simon Allen - Editor: Toby Meakins, Paul Trewartha - Cinematographer: Steve Albins - Original Score: Josh Hill - Sound: Matt Harmer and Ned Hards

Sales:Toby Meakins - London, SE7 7RP, UK - T: +44 (0) 7815437648

Email:tobymeakins AT


Guardian angels reveal they're as lost, fallible and heartbroken as those they watch over in this collection of impossible monologues. The mysterious Guardian of the Roads tells of their true purpose while the beautiful Guardian of the Mist offers hope to everybody who's ever been touched by grief. The Guardian of Fear puts terror into our hearts. The lonely Guardian of Level 3 worries that he has no ultimate purpose while the forlorn Guardian of John Gray has succumbed to the most human of all traits by falling in love with someone she shouldn't have.


About the director

Toby Meakins is an award winning director from London. He has made 6 short films. He currently works directing commercials and is also developing his first feature film.

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