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East Coast Premiere

Director: Ivaylo Getov

United States, 2010, 28 min

Shooting Format:Super 16, RED

Festival Year:2011


WINNER: Audience Award

Cast:Grace Folsom, Daniel Haughey, Nikola Ivanov, Riley Rose Critchlow, Bryan Dechart

Crew:Producers: Ivaylo Getov, Greg Gordon, Amanda Rohlke, Nicholas Mohammed - Screenwriters: Ivaylo Getov - Cinematographer: Matt Mitchell, Ivaylo Getov - Editor: James Codoyanis

Sales:Ivaylo Getov


Fascinated by finding beauty in the detritus and refuse of the city around her, a young woman wanders late at night looking in junk piles for items that captivate her. She meets Lawrence, an uprooted man who spends his life drifting, stopping to create mysterious sculptures made of light bulbs that few people see before they are destroyed. Meanwhile, a mysterious man wakes up in an unfamiliar surreal landscape and must travel a great distance to an uncertain end.


About the director

Born in Bulgaria, raised in Los Angeles, and having completed studies in Havana and New York, Ivaylo Getov is a graduate of NYU with a BFA in Film and a minor in Philosophy. As a cinematographer, he has earned credits on numerous shorts, music videos, and documentaries as well as shooting films and photo essays across three continents and countless countries. Most recently, he shot "Bye," a short documentary on PBS's P.O.V. program and "Calle Zapatos Perdidos" for the clothing brand Opening Ceremony.

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Director Ivaylo Getov, producer Greg Gordon, actress Grace Folsom and other members of the cast and crew will be available for Q&A after the screening.

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