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TAKE ME HOME - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Sam Jaeger

United States, 2010, 97 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2011

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Amber Jaeger, Sam Jaeger, Victor Garber, Brennan Elliot, Bree Turner, Christine Rose, Eli Goodman, Lin Shaye, Michelle Krusiec

Crew:Producers: Michael Hobert, Jane Kosek - Screenwriters: Sam Jaeger - Cinematographer: Jesse Feldman - Editor: Damien Leveck


How much does it really cost to take a NYC taxi across the country? Claire Barrow is about to find out. Claire isn't having a good day. First she comes home to find her husband flirting with his new secretary, then she discovers her estranged father has suffered a heart attack in California. In a frenzy, she runs out into the night and hails what she assumes to be a cab. What she gets instead is Thom. Thom isn't having a good day either. After getting turned down by a photo agency, he comes home to find his landlord evicting him. With no job prospects and no place to sleep, he must turn to his recurring last resort: driving his illegal taxicab around the streets of New York. Fortunately for him, Claire decides on a whim to make Thom drive her out to California. With nothing in New York to call his own, Thom reluctantly agrees. It's not too far into their trip when things start to take an unexpected turn in this charming roadtrip romantic comedy.


About the director

Sam Jaeger lives in South Pasadena, CA, U S A. Take Me Home is Sam's first feature.


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