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NY Premiere

Director: Benjamin Brewer

United States, 2010, 100 min

Shooting Format:Super 16

Festival Year:2011

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Colin Janson, Sarah Newhouse, Melanie May, Mike Bash, Eric Eastman, Abby Austin, Scott Winters, Alicia Barrett, Larry Vigus, Mark Nimar, Hilary Powell, Alex Brewer, Christopher Davis, Peter Meehan, Steven Brewer, John Brewer, Lauren Treitman, Hannah Friedman, Gabe Jackson, Lizzie Curran, Pat Serr, Walter Woodward, Zachary Charren-Diehl, Thomas Abend, Benjamin Brewer, Dylan Meehan, Matthew Hryniewich, Shant Ergenian, Carly Silverman, Jack Torre, Sandy Winters, Julia Austin, Eliza Austin, Jodi Meehan, Gina Savageau, Adam Vaughn, Greg Hanson, Julia Blanco

Crew:Executive Producers: Benjamin Brewer, Anna Rau - Producers: Benjamin Brewer, Anna Rau, Carly Silverman, Grace Kaskie, Hannah Cotier - Screenwriters: Benjamin Brewer - Cinematographer: Shant Ergenian - Editor: Benjamin Brewer


When Sean Beckett was 18 years old he killed everyone he thought was cool. It was early in the morning when Sean lost control of the car and ended the lives of his three passengers. They were all drunk. After six years spent in prison, Sean returns home to the angry community he left behind. He hopes to find forgiveness. They hope to find him alone.


About the director

Benjamin Brewer grew up in Carlisle, MA, just outside of Boston. He received a BA in Film from Emerson College in 2010, where he wrote and directed Beneath Contempt as his senior thesis. He currently works as a videographer for one of the country's leading R-rated stage hypnotists. He no longer bclicvcs hypnotism to be a hoax.


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