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STICKY ENDS - still #1


(Chroniques de la poisse)
NY Premiere

Director: Osman Cerfon

France, 2010, 7 min

Shooting Format:Flash

Festival Year:2011


Crew:Sets : Osman Cerfon, Darshan Fernando - Animation : Osman Cerfon, Grégory Duroy, Ulrich Totier - Compositing : Jean-Paul Guigue - Sound, Music : Denis Vautrin - Editing : Osman Cerfon, Franck Ekinci - Mix : Quentin Guigno - Production : Je Suis Bien Content (Franck Ekinci, Violette Teyssier Dumon)


Jinx is a man with the head of a fish. Misfortune bubbles escape from his mouth. When one of them follows somebody, he becomes dogged by bad luck, and comes to a sticky end...

About the director

Osman Cerfon first studied graphic design in Chaumont, then Fine Arts in Epinal, and finally animation in "La Poudrière" school in Valence, where he graduated in 2007 with the film "Tête-à-tête" (Head-to-head). Since 2007, he works on various projects as a scriptwriter or as an animation technician. In parallel, he develops "Sticky Ends", a collection of short films where misfortune tracks those who alas find themselves on its way.

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