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THE ROCK - still #1


(La Roca)
US Premiere

Director: Raul Santos

Spain, 2011, 85 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2012

Category:Documentary Feature

Cast:Pepa Rodriguez, Tito Vallejo, Francisco Romo, Antonio Vargas, Ines Quijada, Gonzalo Riquelme, Antonia Buhagiar, Pepe Chacon, Dolores Gonzalez, Aurelio Rodriguez, Mercedes Rodriguez, Pepe Gomez, Juan Ruiz, Salvador Molina, Marie Carmen Reeve, Juan Jose Uceda, Carlos Grima, Mercy Montero, Susan Grima, Jose Maria Yagne, Pepe Ojeda, Mariano Baquedano, David Bentatta, Asher Bentatta, Raquel Romero, Itziar Luengo, Joaquin Mancera, Alberto Zafra, Jose Maria Rivero, Sara Espinosa

Crew:Executive Producers: Raul Santos, Alexis Morante - Screenwriters: Raul Santos - Cinematographer: Carlos Garcia De Dios - Editor: Raul Santos - Composer: Miguel Torres


La Roca is an epic Romeo and Juliet love story between the massive Rock of Gibraltar and its neighboring Spanish city of La Linea. Despite being declared enemies by their countries, they used to be inseparable. But in 1969, Francisco Franco, the fascist dictator of Spain, closed the entrance to the British territory of Gibraltar, isolating 30,000 people without food, water, or telephone lines. According to him, The Rock would fall like ripe fruit. Indoctrination on both sides eventually forced the separation of thousands of mixed families, who for over 13 years would meet at the border every Sunday to look through binoculars at their estranged lovers, brothers, parents and babies, screaming messages from a distance. La Roca tells the emotional tale of this important chapter of world history.


About the director

After working many years in Advertising, Raul Santos left everything behind to study film in the Social Documentary Department at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Raúl has written and directed internationally awarded documentary shorts. La Roca is his first feature-length film.

Website Filmography


Director of Photography Carlos García de Dios and Story Consultant Pilar Haile-Damato will be available for a Q&A after the screening.

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