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East Coast Premiere

Director: Will Anderson

Scotland, 2011, 15 min

Festival Year:2012


WINNER: Best Animation

Cast:Will Anderson, Vitalij Sicinava, Tobias Feltus

Crew:Producers: Donald Holwill - Screenwriters: Will Anderson - Cinematographer: Will Anderson - Editor: Will Anderson - Composer: Atzi Muramatsu

Email:will AT


An animator/filmmaker attempts to make its mysteriously long character relevant in the modern world. An extreme close-up 'behind-the-scenes' look as this animator/filmmaker struggles with his character.


About the director

Will Anderson is a 2D animator from the Scottish Highlands. Currently living in Edinburgh, Will specializes in character animation, also having great interest in the art of compositing for film and tv. Will has worked in many professional productions, ranging from feature-length documentary film, to short animation series for both children's and adults' television entertainment.

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