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(A Triptych)
World Premiere

Director: E. Aaron Ross

United States, 2012, 7 min

Shooting Format:HDV

Festival Year:2012


Cast:E. Aaron Ross, Dara Benno

Crew:Producer, Editor: E. Aaron Ross


'Decision Making (A Triptych)' is part performance, part documentary, and part experimental narrative. Each section centers around the activity of jumping, and proposes a connection between the arc of a jump, and the arc of a decision. This piece deals with time and process, with the use of minimal language (only seen on the title screens that begin each section). The actions of each section are stretched to their limits as a means for dissecting the psychology and emotions that accompany our daily struggle through the banal details of our lives.

About the director

E. Aaron Ross is a 2009 graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago with two B.F.A.'s, one in Moving Image and one in Graphic Design. His work has been shown at small galleries, group shows, and in collaboration with other artists. He has also been active in various music endeavors, including bands Maribelle, O'er the Waves, Weekend Nachos, and Plan of Attack. Ross is currently living and working in Chicago.

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