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MIRROR - still #1


World Premiere

Director: Emma Rose & Neil Boynton

England, 2012, 4 min

Festival Year:2012


Crew:Emma Rose, Neil Boynton


The film explores the idea that the face of nature, made visible in the representation of landscape, can be treated as that of a quasi-person with whom the viewer interacts. For many people, the imagination facilitates interpretation of natural phenomena as recognizable self-states. This experience is enhanced by the representation of nature in the film. Mirror advances the idea that improved understanding of the self and capacity to empathize with others, to have another's mind in mind, can advance shared interests between people and the possibility of more widespread understanding.


About the director

Professor Emma Rose is a filmmaker and scholar in the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University. Her work is focused on issues of health and wellbeing, connecting art, landscape, environment, self-identity and psychoanalytic theory to advance thinking in the area of health research and for the benefit of individuals, and community groups. She has had many international screenings around the world in solo exhibitions and festivals. She works with educational users, scholars, diverse public audiences, the media, Arts Council, publishers, and archives. Her research is intended for professionals in academe, health, education, science, and healthcare.
Dr Neil Boynton is an academic researcher in the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University. Boynton's research is focused on video and music composition, with particular emphases on issues of landscape, environment and self-identity, and the relation between sound and images. His practice-based research encompasses fine art video-making, composing soundtracks for contemporary theatre and improvising live music with a laptop. He writes both about his own practice and the works and teachings of the Austrian composer Anton Webern. He has exhibited with galleries and museums both overseas and in the UK.

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