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BAROQUE SUITE - still #1


World Premiere

Director: Alex Tyson & Troy Herion

United States, 2011, 16 min

Shooting Format:DVCPro HD

Festival Year:2012


Cast:Gregory Holt, Sharif Abdulmalik, Lydia Adler Okrent, Gabrielle Revlock, Joanna Quigley

Crew:Producers: Alex Tyson, Troy Herion - Cinematographer: Alex Tyson - Composer: Troy Herion - Lighting Designer: Zac Rubino - Choreographer: Meg Foley - Dance Producer and Consultant: J. Makary


A visual-music synthesis that invites the audience to 'listen to image' and to 'see sound.' The film deconstructs and reassembles elements of Baroque masterworks including paintings by Caravaggio and the music of J.S. Bach. Using analog technology with classical precision, Herion and Tyson conjure a neo-Baroque atmosphere of elaborate ornament, color, and shadow. 'The music is the picture.'


About the director

Alex Tyson is a filmmaker, intermedia artist and organizer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His work encompasses visual-music, experimental and documentary cinema and audio synthesis. Alex is a co-founder and curator at Data Garden, an electronic music and arts catalyst.
Troy Herion is a composer and filmmaker whose work unites contemporary music with visual arts through chamber and orchestral music, opera, theater, and visual-music films. Troy holds an MFA from Princeton University, where he is pursuing a joint PhD in Composition and Interdisciplinary Humanities.

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