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US Premiere

Director: Ramin Matin

Turkey, 2013, 96 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2014

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Esra Bezen Bilgin, Suna Selen, Mehmet Ali Nuroglu, Ipek Türktan

Crew:Producers: Emine Yildirim, Oguz Kaynak, Bertrnd Glosset - Screenwriters: Emine Yildirim - Cinematographer: Deniz Eyuboglu - Editor: Theron Patterson

Email:emine AT


Two sisters in their early thirties find themselves isolated in the Aegean summer cottage of their childhood, where they must deal with their uneasy sibling relationship and confront their devastating recent past. "The Impeccables" is part of a new wave of Turkish films gaining international attention, and is a tough, honest examination of violence against women in Turkish society.


About the director

Ramin Matin studied filmmaking in Loas Angeles before returning to Istanbul where he co-founded Giyotin Films. Since he's worked mainly as Director/DP on a number of projects from corporate films, to documentaries to feature films.

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