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RIVERBERO - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Federico Biasin & Giorgio Ferrero

Italy, 2013, 14 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2014


Cast:Andrea Pavoni Belli, Roberta Cortese, Marta Enrico, Stefano Gambarino, Gabriel Joffe, Aurora Hysenji, Christel Martinod, Danilo Pastore, Valerio Petrantoni, Rodolfo Mongitore, Giorgio Ferrero, Simona Ramella, Elisabetta Reali, Jacopo Valsania, Oresti Zeneli

Crew:Executive Producers: Tommaso Bertani - Producers: Federico Biasin, Giorgio Ferrero - Screenwriters: Giorgio Ferrero, Federico Biasin, Tommaso Bertani, Rodolfo Mongitore - Cinematographer: Federico Biasin, Riccardo Fasano, Walter Magri - Editor: Federico Biasin - Composer: Rodolfo Mongitore, Giorgio Ferrero


The reverberation chamber, this tremendous, unfamiliar space, moves those who walk over its threshold into an overflow of mystical awe.Yet it is but a measuring tool for those who explore the boundaries of the physics of sound.Unbeknownst to us, the reverberation chamber is an obligatory rite of passage for most of the objects we use in our daily lives.The film is based on the interaction between the almost-holy, aesthetic elevation of a once-off musical performance that can only be played within the chamber, and the sheer mathematical aloofness of its 'priest'.


About the director

Federico Biasin (videomaker from Turin, former co-founder of the creative studio Bellissimo) and Giorgio Ferrero (musician and producer from Turin in the duo Minus&Plus, former editor of Label Magazine and multimedia designer) founded the study and gave birth to MYBOSSWAS in 2011, with them different professionals from different backgrounds. MYBOSSWAS is a Turin-based studio where a network of film directors, musicians, graphic designers, photographers, programmers, and artists, gather under the shared ideal that the only possible boss can be the idea that inspires a project, and lies in the shared intent to offer an alternative idea of communication firm, creative agency, and digital handicraft. What actually matters is not who the really Boss is (Theodor Adorno or Arsenio Lupin, Karlheinz Stockhausen or P.E. Baracus), but how its tangible presence can lead the way to the success of each project.


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