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TO LOVE, TOO MUCH - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Ernesto Rimoch

Mexico, 2001, 97 min

Shooting Format:35mm

Festival Year:2002

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Karina Gidi, Ari Telch, Martín Altomaro, Daniel Martínez, Raúl Méndez, Ana Karina Guevara, Carmen Beato

Crew:Producers: Ernesto Rimoch, Artífice Producciones (Mexico), Andrés Santana, Aiete- Ariane Films (Spain) - - Screenwriter: Eva Saraga & Ernesto Rimoch - Editor: Julia Juaniz - Cinematographer: Gabriel Figueroa Flores - Original Score: Joan Valent - Sound: Carlos Aguilar, Santiago Nuñez, Jaime Fernández - Art designer: - Gloria Carrasco

Sales:Beatriz Bátiz, Public Relations c/o Artifice Producciones, Atletas 2, Edif. Luis Buñuel A-305, Col. Country Club, México 04220 T: (52-55) 5544-5082 F: (52-55) 5544-9642


To Love Too Much..., is the moving story of a woman who, after a difficult journey through love and loneliness finds her true essence. Laura and Beatriz are two sisters in search of a dream in common: to run a guest house abroad and live off the rents. Laura travels to Spain to start off the project, and Beatriz remains alone in Mexico waiting for the right moment to catch up to her sister. While Beatriz nurtures the desire of moving away, she begins to feed off dreams and fantasies. In the midst of easy love affairs that earn her enough money to support Laura, Beatriz meets Carlos, a man with whom she travels throughout Mexico, discovering the inimaginable beauty of her country, her soul and her own body.

About the director

Ernesto Rimoch is producer and film director. His short film Boceto, allowed him to enter the National Film School (GB) in 1978. Later on, he carried out the film Mask, an adaptation of Julio Cortázar's story "El Perseguidor", which was rewarded at the Alès festival in France, and nominated for the Grierson Award in Great Britain. From 1982 to 1994 he resided in Paris, where he carried out the documentaries Como Julio, México, los tres sismos and La línea. His first fiction film, El Anzuelo (1995) obtained the three Prizes of the Jury at the Guadalajara's Film Festival in 1996, the Ariel and the Diosa de Plata in 1996 for the Best First Film, among other awards. It also participated in numerous international festivals: Toronto, San Sebastian, Los Angeles (A.F.I.), Mar del Plata, Amiens and Toulouse (France), Puerto Rico, Huelva, La Habana, Chicago Latino and Munich.

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