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NOW YOU CAN HEAL - still #1


US Premiere

Director: Andrius Sarapovas

Lithuania, 2013, 3 min

Festival Year:2014


Cast:Dovydas Bluvšteinas, Airida Gintautaitė

Crew:Executive Producers: Olga Radcenko - Screenwriters: Andrius Sarapovas - Cinematographer: Ramūnas Greičius - Editor: Vladas Litvinas - Composer: Andrius Sarapovas


Action revolves around an imaginary dialog between two characters. It's a clash between two distinct positions: two genders, two roles - one that strikes and one that receives the blow. These two roles are put into question on the basis of hierarchy, power structure, abjection and inevitability. However, the blows are only the supposed ones, we don't see them in actuality, they only happen in our heads with the music contributing a part. The viewer links the hint of the action with the reaction, a trick coming from the early days of cinema. It could be seen as an allusion to the impossibility of the dialog. Furthermore, the repetitiveness of the two people hurting each other makes the whole situation seem petty and trivial. The abstract slow-motion shots and the hyper-real extreme close-ups deny the verisimilitude of the action and supposes it only being a product of the characters' mind.

About the director

Andrius Šarapovas' scope of creative interest encompasses music, sculpture, graphic design and directing. His body of work is comprised of inter-disciplinary art projects, cine-dance, video art, music videos, net art and music for a selection of diverse projects.


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