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LUNGI DANCE - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Subrata Kar

India, 2014, 20 min

Festival Year:2015

Category:Narrative Short

Cast:Kaushik Roy, Debashish Roy, Partha Sinha, Dipan Chatterjee, Somnath Sannyal, Moumita Majumder, Swaraj Ghosh, Kajal Dey, Chaitali Bhattacharyya

Crew:Producers: Chiranjit Majumdar - Screenwriters: Subrata Kar - Cinematography: Subrata Kar - Editing & Sound: Subrata Kar - Assistant Directors: Sanghita Paul Rappa Basu Doyel Ghosh - Assistant Cameramen: Chaitali Bhattacharyya Pankaj Ghosh - Music: Anirban Das Wardrobe Kaushik Roy - Make Up: Moumita Majumder Kaushik Roy


The action of the film revolves round four unemployed youths of humble background sharing a rented establishment. Though each of them possesses different characteristic features, all of them display a lack of serious intent about life. Failure is the pillar of more failures in life - that is exactly what's happening in their life. But when their back is against the wall and they fail to get selected in a job interview for the last time they start realizing their aimlessness and the inevitable misery awaiting them. In a sudden flash of thought Kaushik, the intellectual fool, hits upon an innovative idea of dancing wildly with a popular chartbuster song without disturbing the enraged landlord living in the lower floor. As they start the silent dance listening to the song through headphones they are transported to a different realm, beyond the agony and concern of their ruthless reality. With this little trick have they found a different view of the life then?


About the director

Subrata Kar was born in a small village in the district, Jalpaiguri, in 1976. Teacher in a govt. high school by profession Subrata Kar is a passionate lover of both film and photography. His romance with camera began almost a decade ago when he started pursuing his interest in still photography. His love for capturing stunning, meaningful, thought-provoking and aesthetically rich visual images prompted him to explore the arena of filmmaking. His first venture, Re-Take, a short film, got him recognition as a budding filmmaker with lots of potential. It won the best film award in Siliguri Short and documentary festival 2011, West Bengal. That same year Subrata received the First award for the same film in North Bengal Film Festival, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. His second short film, 'Lungi Dance' has been officially selected in the 3rd Delhi Shorts International Film Festival 2014. Subrata always tries to make sure that his creative works project on the superiority of human beings over the other animals who don't have a customizable brain.

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