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COLLECTORS - still #1


Brooklyn Premiere

Director: Marcel Hobi

Switzerland, 2013, 5 min

Festival Year:2015


Crew:Executive Producers: Marcel Hobi - Producers: Marcel Hobi - Screenwriters: Marcel Hobi - Composer: Mario Batkovic


Whether it's antiques, insects, autographs or adventures - collecting is a passion.Internet users collect friendships, state leaders collect arsenals of weapons, founders of religions collect believers, and millionaires collect art, women and yet more millions. They've never collected enough.'COLLECTORS' shows in an entertaining and amusing way where collecting can lead.


About the director

Marcel Hobi was born in 1963 in Uzwil, Switzerland. Since 2001 he works as animation filmmaker and producer. His films were shown at many international film festivals like Annecy, Palm Springs, Hong Kong.

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