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NEEDLE TOWN - still #1


World Premiere

Director: Henrik Hylland Uhlving & Kaspar Synnevaag

Norway, 2015, 2 min

Festival Year:2015

Category:Documentary Short

Cast:Joseph Millson

Crew:Executive Producers: Jeremy Wooding - Producers: Kaspar Synnevaag, Henrik Hylland Uhlving, Trond Gullaksen - Screenwriters: Kaspar Synnevaag, Henrik Hylland Uhlving - Art direction, design and animation: Kristian Pedersen


Heroin addict Cato is steeling books to fund his drug habit. He has fallen in love with Goth Girl, who works at the local book shop. But the mall cop Crab Claw is about to make his life difficult. A true story from former drug addict Cato Mong-Hansens life.

About the director

Henrik Hylland Uhlving & Kaspar Synnevaag work as TV and film directors in Norway, as well as hosting one of Norway´s most popular comedy webcasts. Henrik is a business major and a former theatre producer, and Kaspar a graduate of London Film School. Needle Town is the true story of their friend since early childhood, Cato, a novelist and former heroin addict. The animations are created by one of Scandinavia´s finest artists, the brilliant Kristian Pedersen.

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