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PAD WITH ME - still #1


World Premiere

Director: Chia-ching Chu

Taiwan, 2014, 5 min

Shooting Format:3D computer

Festival Year:2015


Crew:Screenwriters: Huei-ru Jhao - Editor: Chia-ching Chu


A mother is busy doing housework: cooking, doing laundry and cleaning etc. in a banal family. When the mother is busy with chores, her child comes to her with books and toys, and wants her to accompany with him/her.

About the director

Chia-ching Chu: Studying Digital Media Design at Yunlin University of Science and Technology, I have a great passion in animation and movies. I choose to study animation and character design because of my enthusiasm for animation and movies. I hope to work in an animation or special effect company in the future. After working for one to three years, I would like to study abroad and improve animation skills and knowledge.


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