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World Premiere

Director: Adam Feinstein

United States, 2002, 9 min

Shooting Format:16mm

Festival Year:2002

Category:Documentary Short

Crew:Producer, Editor: Adam Feinstein - Cinematographer: Yvette Pita - Sound: John McNulty - Assistant Cam: Christopher Dillon - Key Grip: Tonya Kramer

Sales:Adam Feinstein, Brooklyn, NY


Alex is a beautiful child, but he is not the child his parents thought he would be. He doesn't talk, doesn't look at people, and shows no interest in the world around him. Alex is profoundly autistic, and for years he has loved only one thing -- country music. Through the lens of one family, "Hillbilly Eyes" explores the powerful and ultimately mysterious bonds between parents and their children.

About the director

Adam Feinstein is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker with unusually diverse experience, from music video to third-world reportage. He trained at NYU's graduate film program, where he made "Hillbilly Eyes." This film brings together two of Adam's lifelong interests: music (he's a concert violinist) and abnormal psychology (which he studied at the National Institutes of Health.)

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