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(La Valse Mecanique)
East Coast Premiere

Director: Julien Dykmans

Belgium, 2015, 6 min

Festival Year:2016


Crew:Music: Amaury Bernier - Storyboard: Julien Dykmans, Louis Philip Vermette - Animation: William Thomas, Augustin Paliard, Julien Dykmans, Cyril Cassaigne - Voice: Jean Paul Vlasschaert - Design, Modeling & Rendering: Julien Dykmans - Rigging: Aviv Shechter, Edouard Chambonnet - Simulation: Eric Salès, Kern Attila Germain - Sound Design: Amaury Bernier


On this dark and rainy morning, the puppet people trudge off to work. From day to day the routine never changes, their gazes never meet. Are they aware that their every movement, is being fully controlled and meticulously observed? It is time for change, but just a spark and their eyes will unclose...


About the director

Julien Dykmans is a 30 year old belgian Graphic Designer. He has been working in the field of advertising and in the movie industry for the last 8 years. In 2006 he completed his first short film, The Way of Hope, which he wrote, directed and animated. Wanting to further pursue this creative avenue, he decided to embark upon a second journey in animated film by directing The Mechanical Waltz.


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