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(Alla Rivoluzione Sulla Due Cavalli)
US Premiere

Director: Maurizio Sciarra

Italy, 2001, 98 min

Shooting Format:35mm

Festival Year:2002

Category:Narrative Feature

Cast:Adriano Giannini, Andoni Gracia, Gwenaëlle Simon, Francisco Rabal, Georges Moustaki, Óscar Ladoire

Crew:Producers: Rosanna Seregni, Monica Venturini (Sintra Srr. and Panter Film) - Screenwriter: Marco Ferrari, Enzo Monteleone, Maurizio Sciarra - Cinematography: Arnaldo Cantinari - Art Director: Giada Calabria - Editor: Claudio Cormio - Sound: Massimo Simonetti - Music: Lele Marchitelli

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It is dawn on morning of 25 April 1974 when Marco, a young Italian man of roughly 25 years of age, and his Portuguese friend Victor leave Paris in a yellow Citroen 2CV automobile (in American terms, picture a VW bus crossed with a Model A Ford). Their curiosity to get to know different places and people lead the two young men towards this new adventure to Lisbon, which that very night, has been freed from one of Europe's longest lasting dictatorships. But the adventure would not be complete without Claire, who was Victor's girlfriend back in their student days in Paris. Claire is willing to take a short vacation from her day-to-day life, from her husband and her son, if it means bringing back together, even for a short period of time, a trio that once shared unforgettable experiences. Each brings to the journey personal ideals and feelings. Their arrival in Lisbon, their contact with the idea of freedom transformed into reality, represents for the three young people the transition between an adolescence and their real lives as adults.

About the director

Maurizio Sciarra was born in Bari in 1955 and first worked as a press photographer. In 1974, he was one of the founding members of the ARCI - Apulia Audiovisual group, for which he made many video documentaries, especially on Italian political life. His documentaries include The Taccone Neighbourhood: A History(1977), So Many Things to Say and Do(1996), Journey in Italy(1996) and Malpensa 2000(1998). His directing credits include several telefilms and The Room of the Desert Wind(1997), a feature film honored in several festivals.

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