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JIMBO - still #1


East Coast Premiere

Director: Rodrigo Zanforlin

United States, 2016, 15 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2017

Category:Narrative Short

Crew:Executive Producers: Rodrigo Zanforlin - Screenwriters: Rodrigo Zanforlin


Jimbo, an young quiet and shy boy suffering for many years with his obsessive ruler dad, and his crazy girlfriend Loli. Realizes that actually his anarchist dad is his own prison. After been oppressed, and abused from so many years he decides to break free after a bank robbery in a small town in the desert. Finally is time for Jimbo's inner rebel yell.


About the director

Rodrigo Zan was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and since his early ages his passion for music, poetry, nature, new medias and mystery took him to many trips and journeys all over the world. He has degrees in Multimedia from PUC-SP - focus and extended research in New Media. Complemented studies with 3 years of courses in Art in Advertising, 2 years of Photography at Panamericana School of Arts and Master in Fine Arts at the New York Film Academy. His films, photographs, and work are a cinematic reflection of life, his perspectives about the experience of his soul, and what he calls the mystical mystery of world. The necessity to unleash himself from the institutionalization of the mind reflects the freedom that drives him to different ways to express his feelings and thoughts. Fallowing the flow of the energy that inspires him, the mechanism, writing, directing, photographing are only ways to express the same thing, the perspective. He directed three narrative short films already, "Moments", "Blue Bird", "Jimbo" and one short documentary "Seeking the Joy". Now working on his first feature film.

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Director Rodrigo Zanforlin will be participating in a Q&A after the screening on Thursday 8th.

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