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World Premiere

Director: Jeremy Lee Mackenzie

United States, 2017, 15 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2018

Category:Documentary Short

Cast:Samuel Burriss, Mikey The Mantis V, Oliver Rutherford, Maeli Rutherford, Jeremy Lee MacKenzie, Matthew O'Thompsonski, Steven Martin, Malik Mines, Chancy Smith, Aron Meinhardt, Kevin Chap, Michael B. Fisher, Jeff MacKenzie Sr., Allison Faye Brown, Lincoln Hayes, Alexie Myles Brown, Omega Jade, Savanah Oshun Koval

Crew:Executive Producers: Julie Pacino - Producers: Aron Meinhardt, Jeremy Lee Mackenzie, Julie Pacino - Screenwriters: Jeremy Lee Mackenzie - Cinematographer: Joel Wolter - Editor: Aron Meinhardt - Composer: Jackson Roe


Hidden Blueprints, is a hybrid short documentary detailing the history and creation of a collection of wood-scrollwork that was designed and hidden in prison. It tells the story of a champion fighting mantis named Mikey that won all of its fights, only to become an enduring myth after being martyred in a corporate prison riot.

About the director

Jeremy Lee MacKenzie is a filmmaker and artist who turned to art & film after being incarcerated for bank robbery and drug trafficking as a teenager. While serving time in the Lee Adjustment Center, a Corrections Corporation of America prison in KY, he was in the riot that burned the prison in 2004. In the wake of the riot he designed the intricate art collection "Hidden Blueprints" which premiered at the Flynn Center for Performing Arts and the Vermont State Capitol in 2015. Following his premiere, Jeremy went on to be admitted as a Screenwriting Fellow to Stowe Story Labs, and won Gold in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards that same year. In 2017, Jeremy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Champlain College earning his BFA in Creative Media and went on to direct the film "Hidden Blueprints." In 2018, Jeremy was admitted to USC School of Cinematic Arts in LA, where he will pursue his MFA with a George Lucas Scholarship.


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