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US Premiere

Director: Marcin Polar

Poland, 2017, 19 min

Festival Year:2018

Category:Documentary Short

Crew:Screenwriters: Marcin Polar


Mieczyslaw lives with his wife, Wladzia, in a small, lost village. Being on the edge of life he lives a simple life, taking care of his disabled wife. In his spare time, the old man tries to save relics of the past fot the future generations.

About the director

Marcin Polar is a Director, cinematographer, photographer. A graduate from the Krakow Film School, a fifth-year student of the Cinematography, Direction and Art Photography at the Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Creator of documentaries, short films, music videos and commercials. Associate of the leading TV stations. He was filming expeditions to Mongolia, Panama, Norway. He specializes in filming in extreme conditions, often using mountaineering and underwater techniques.

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