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NY Premiere

Director: Olga Chajdas

Poland, 2017, 15 min

Festival Year:2018

Category:Narrative Short

Crew:Producers: Olga Chajdas - Screenwriters: Olga Chajdas

Email:marta.swiatek AT


The main character, a woman, stabs her husband dead and drowns the daughter. Quietly, no emotions. She goes to bed only to wake in the morning and discover that their cat is missing - that's where our movie starts... A short film about alienation, loneliness, losing oneself.

About the director

Olga Chajdas - Born 1983 in Poznan, Poland. Graduated in Film Production at the Lodz Film School, Olga started as a Director's assistant, then 2nd and 1st AD on numerous feature films and TV series (Oscar nominated "In darkness" by Agnieszka Holland). She directed for theatre (Edward Albee's "The goat or who is Sylvia", Tuvia Tenenbom's "The Last Jew in Europe" etc.), award winning television series ("The Deep End") and recently short films that she also produced through Wild Mouse Production. "3xLOVE" won Grand Prix at "Distances" Short Film Festival in Dublin and "Morning has broken". Her feature debut "Nina" has won Big Screen Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam.


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