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NY Premiere

Director: Noor Fay Gharzeddine

Lebanon, 2017, 85 min

Shooting Format:2K

Festival Year:2018

Category:Narrative Feature

WINNER: Best Original Score and Audience Award

Cast:Marwa Khalil, Tess Harrison, Najeeb Zeitouni, Charbel Makhlouf, Nadim Deaibes, Aida Sabra, Elie Njeim

Crew:Screenwriters: Samuel Anderson - Cinematographer: Ziad Chahoud - Editor: Alix Diaconis , Michael Berenbaum, Katey Spinner - Composer: Simon Taufique

Email:noorfayfilms AT


About the director

Noor Fay Gharzeddine is a Lebanese-American filmmaker born and raised in New York City. Her films study unlikely relationships and unique environments. She is fascinated with films that blend hyper-realism with absurdity, and tragedy with comedy. Noor has a BA in Film and Electronic Arts from Bard College, where she had the privilege of studying under influential filmmakers such as Kelly Reichardt, Ben Coonley and Peter Hutton. She is currently developing a scripted comedy and writing her next film.

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Director Noor Gharzeddine will be available for Q&A after the screening.

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