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(Le Lapin de Noël)
US Premiere

Director: Christophe Lopez-Huici

France, 2018, 11 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2018


Crew:Producers: - Screenwriters: Christophe Lopez-Huici - Composer: Emile Sornin - Sound editor: Audrey Ginestet - Voice actor: Fanny Santer, Joris Avodo

Email:clopezhuici AT


On Christmas eve, an old lady finds her beloved cat dead. All day long, she'll try to find him a fitting final resting place, but will remain unsuccessful until an option she hadn't considered comes her way.


About the director

Christophe Lopez-Huici is a French/Swiss artist who graduated from Parsons Shcool of Design. After spending 10 years in New York where he worked as a freelance illustrator/animator he moved to London where he is currently living.


Filmmaker's note

The Christmas Rabbit is an animated short that tells a rather simple story but pushes its boundaries almost to the absurd. A banal event (the death of a beloved pet) is going to generate a multitude of unforeseen situations, culminating on an unexpected high note. Technically I favoured hand made animation. The background are all watercolours, the characters are all pencil on paper and the computer was only used for editing and the colouring of characters. I believe this process gives the movie its charm, character and visual aesthetics that computer imagery often lacks.


Director Christophe Lopez-Huici will be available for Q&A after the June 6th and June 9th screening.

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