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US Premiere

Director: Concha Vidal

Spain, 2014, 4 min

Shooting Format:HD

Festival Year:2018


Crew:Producers: Concha Vidal - Screenwriters: Concha vidal - Camera: Cristina Monge

Email:inmavidas AT


An elegant combination of rich, provocative imagery and economical design. Just as the movement in the film evokes ideas of things un-forming as you reach out to grasp them so the concept of the work remains mobile, moving and elusive. The work draws us into the relationship between the surfaces of the site and the skin of the dancer through its close photography and intense use of diegetic sound. The dancer moves in restless circles always at the point of becoming submerged until the final image, which offers us a shift, an exit and a potential point of emergence.


About the director

Concha Vidal (1975) has a degree in Psychology and a doctorate in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. She now works as a performer and video artist after a long career as a painter and an art residence at University and Cooper Union and SVA (NYC). She has been performing in Swizerland,Croatia, Spain and Nyc.Her performances are an interdisciplinary confluence of theatre, dance and video art. With a very personal language, Concha weaves a new iconography in her poetic actions while recovering the spirit of the 60´s. Retaking the theme of woman, body and landscape from a fresh perspective, a view sometimes uncomfortable.

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