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Mas Fuerte

World Premiere

Director: Sean Frank

Dominican Republic, United States, 2018, 15 min

Shooting Format:2K

Festival Year:2019

Category:Documentary Short

Cast:Benilo Lopez, Brawnny Minaya, C. Bonilla, Chino, D. Rafael Peitadume, Domingo C., Eddy R.J., Eduardo Bonilla, Ezequiel Reyes

Crew:Writer: Sean Frank - Producers: Connor MacDonald, Erin Kennedy, Mike Steyels, Sophia Rothbart, Rebecca Chen - Executive Producers: Rebecca Chen, Amanda Kim, Angel Puello, Clara Colon, Diana Lantigua, Manuel Villalona


Más fuerte, a film by Sean Frank, uncovers a scene of underground “musicologists” in NYC & the Dominican Republic through their customized mobile sound systems. They manage to keep their culture alive, despite their often restrictive environments.


About the director

Sean Frank is a London raised, LA based filmmaker. His interests are rooted in real, relatable environments, situations and subcultures that combine cinematic compositions with inspirational stories. A graduate of both Goldsmiths and Central St Martins, Frank’s films have been nominated and screened internationally. Some of Frank’s work to date include short film Further Away, Visual E.P Every Kind of Way for Grammy award winning artist H.E.R, Nowness short; Crazy legs, music documentary Mas Fuerte, and most recently an episode of Lena Waithes TV show Boomerang.


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