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Rosie Rose - still #1
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Rosie Rose

NY Premiere

Director: Camille de Galbert

United States, 2018, 8 min

Shooting Format:2K

Festival Year:2019


Genres:Drama, Fantasy

WINNER: Spirit Award

Cast:Charlotte Grey, Mary Looram, Erikka Walsh

Crew:Executive Producer: Thibaut Estellon - Editor: Camille de Galbert - Producers: Jonathan Figuroa, Luigi Rossi, Ross o’Connor - Associate Producer: Emma Blackman - Assistant Editor: Emma Blackman - Cinematographer/DP: Michael Belcher - Production Designers: Emmeline Wilks-Dupoise, Naomi Munro - Sound Editor: Rex Recker


Set on a cobblestone street bathed in moonlight, a young girl leads her grandmother towards her final journey. They stop at a claw bathtub resting on the road, its pipes connecting to a dusty wooden piano that fills the tub with an opaque liquid - organic almost. The girl tends to both her grandmother’s mind and body while voice-over narration reflects on the raw feelings of loss and despair that arise when life starts to fade, plunging us into a series of cherished childhood memories. These visceral memories amass and bring her late mother back to perform a final song in the thick summer fog, giving the little girl closure with her mom and the courage to now let go of her grandmother. Rosie Rose intimately questions the unfathomable strength of maternal love and its ability to be recycled from one generation to the next.


About the director

Camille de Galbert is a graduate of the Conservatoire National de Région de Grenoble, France, in contemporary dance (2000). She continued her dance training in New York at The Merce Cunningham Studio. As a result of a knee injury, she renounced a dance career and turned her artistic attention to drawing and video projects as a self-taught artist. She then applied her interests to cinema and moving image techniques at the NY Film Academy. Camille de Galbert's art is at the crossroad of multiple disciplines. Her works on paper are direct and objective extensions of her life; they are not comments, observations, or judgments; they are remnants of the archeology of her past and spirit. While her videos offer ethereal ideas of her spirit, these works on paper offer material testimonies of her actions. In these pieces, her creative intention finds its form in an object with weight, a time, and a place. Through the years Camille's craft has grown to blend moving images into a choreography of light, music, and words. She carries-out experimental videos impregnated with the unconscious, the oneiric, her journey as a dancer, as well as her life in the United States, where movements, expressions, sounds, shapes, and faces collide.


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