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NY Premiere

Director: Joe Boothe

United States, 2018, 10 min

Festival Year:2019

Category:Narrative Short


Cast:Alex Vaughan, Leslie Stevens, Brodie Reed, Gerald McGrory, Paul Tigue

Crew:Writers: Alex Vaughan, Simon Sorrells - Producers: Roni Geva, Alex Vaughan


A flaky delivery driver's night veers off course when he stumbles into a lover's quarrel gone wrong.


About the director

Joe is a writer and a director living in Los Angeles. A Kansas native, he traded wheat fields for palm trees and has never looked back (except during the college basketball season). His first short 'The Morning After' earned him a place in the American’ Pavilion’s Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Joe recently wrote for the TNT drama 'The Librarians', co-wrote 'Something Blue' for Black Label Media, and adapted 'Serpent’s Bite', starring Anna Camp, for Grey Eagle Films. Joe himself is an alum of The Groundlings' "Sunday Company", a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a sometimes chili chef.

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Filmmaker's note

With 'Delivery', we wanted to play with the idea of free will. Every character in this movie is a prisoner, each held hostage by their job, their relationships, their fears, to varying degrees. This inspired our color scheme of green, yellow, and red - the omnipresent traffic lights in our life that warn us, stop us, or encourage us. We all have decisions, some of which seem innocuous at the time, but ultimately will decide if we reach our destinations or die on the road. And it’s our choice to obey or ignore those warnings: to break free from what holds us back in life, or to stay 'locked up' indefinitely.

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