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I'm OK

NY Premiere

Director: Elizabeth Hobbs

United Kingdom, Canada, 2018, 6 min

Festival Year:2019


Crew:Writers: Elizabeth Hobbs - Producers: Abigail Addison (ANIMATE PROJECTS, UK), Elizabeth Hobbs (UK), Jelena Popovic (NFB, CANADA)


Following the end of a fiery and passionate love affair with Alma Mahler, Austrian Expressionist artist Oskar Kokoschka enlists to fight in the First World War. During battle he suffers serious wounds, and as the medics rush the injured Kokoschka through the forests of the Russian front, he is overtaken by a fever of fleeting memories and visions. Playful, imaginative and audacious, I’m OK explores the visible and invisible wounds of heartbreak and trauma.


About the director

Elizabeth Hobbs is an animator based in East London. Hobbs’ films (including The Emperor, The Old, Old, Very Old Man, The True Story of Sawney Beane and G-AAAH) are notable for their strong narratives and use of diverse techniques (e.g., ink on bathroom tile, typewriters, watercolour on paper, butterfly prints, and rubber stamps), and are often based on unusual and overlooked historical stories and figures. Hobbs has won many awards, and her work has screened at numerous international film festivals. She enjoys sharing her practice through lecturing and workshops, and often collaborates with artist Emily Tracy and the Creative Research Collective.


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