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A Chest of Drawers

NY Premiere

Director: Maxwell Nalevansky

United States, 2018, 13 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2019


Genres:Comedy, Horror, Romance

Cast:Larry Owens, Paul Guyet, and Jeffrey Imbert

Crew:Writers: Maxwell Nalevansky, Harrison Nalevansky, Max Gottlieb - Cinematography: Matt Morgan


A tale set in no particular time or place, A Chest of Drawers is at once familiar and uncanny as it tells the tragic love story of a beekeeper and a brawny man. Veiled beneath his mask, the beekeeper has never shown his scarred face to his brawny man, the man who once saved him from the brink of death, and the beekeeper must make the choice to show his face or lose his love. Not willing to reveal a disfigured face, the beekeeper seeks a remedy through a mysterious chest of drawers, but the cure comes with a price; it must be bought in blood.


About the director

Maxwell's films frequently explore the intersection of memory, nostalgia, and the relentless societal absurdities on the perception of adulthood and fetishization of childhood. Eccentrically working to reimagine and distort the farcical romantic notions around the way human beings process their experiences, Maxwell's films find a way to be both funny, frightening and above all else: never boring.


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