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Why z?

World Premiere

Director: Asher Horowitz

United States, 2019, 4 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2020


Genres:Family, Children

Cast:Asher Horowitz, Amanda Libotte, Peter Hyun, Jeff Kim, Esther Song, Nunas Hawkins, Monica Erlano, Jee Woo Kim

Crew:Writer: Asher Horowitz. Producer: Jimmy Calhoun.


why z? follows the story of z, a lonely and shy letter stuck at the end of the alphabet. As he struggles to deal with the torment from his bullies at school as well as everything else that comes from being last of the line, he constantly asks himself "why z"?

About the director

Asher Horowitz is a NYC based story artist and designer working in the field of animation. He's passionate about creating compelling stories with visually appealing characters & worlds to inspire a brighter future.

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