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In Dreams, In Reverse

US Premiere

Director: Will Suen

Australia, 2018, 5 min

Shooting Format:Digital

Festival Year:2020


Genres:Conceptual, Experimental, Poetic

Cast:Jack Froggart

Crew:Writers: William Suen, Shiyan Zheng. Producers: Jonathan Key, William Suen. Writer & Director: William Suen; Cinematographer: Benjamin Powell; Sound Designer: Rory Steuart; Production Designer: Courtney Covey


How do you tame the falling rain? This film is about giving meaning to the intangible idea, we all love to call ‘creativity’.


About the director

Will Suen is the son of Cantonese restaurant chefs who migrated to Australia in the 1980s. He's a conceptual thinker by nature, which led him to ruin his life through filmmaking. Currently, he's working on his first feature documentary called 'When I Was Young The World Didn't Need Me'. He'd love for you to check it out on his website '’.

Website Filmography

Filmmaker's note

This film is about chasing this abstract idea that we all love to call ‘creativity'. As a filmmaker we tell our stories through lights and cameras, so for this experimental film, we really tried to communicate our ideas through the perspective of the camera itself. For the entire film, we asked ourselves, what is the most technically challenging way to communicate meaning through this shot? We delved into technicalities, fussing endlessly with light, menu settings, phone lenses, and DIY rigs, and in doing so we gave our project tangibility. This was how we were able to give meaning to creativity for ourselves.

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