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World Premiere

Director: Maria Juranic

United States, 2019, 10 min

Shooting Format:RED

Festival Year:2020


Cast:Lisa - MONALISA - Berman, Renee Copeland, Wealthy Phonseya, Cheng - TECHNICA - Xiong, Travis - SEQAL - Johnson, Joseph - MN JOE - Tran

Crew:Writer: Maria Juranic. Producers: Maria Juranic, Lisa Berman, Thomas Busch. Cinematography: Brandon Boulay


Witness the struggle of DACA documentation as one woman fights to approve her papers in a broken bureaucracy.


About the director

Maria Juranic is a filmmaker, dancer and an artist. As immigrant from Yugoslavia, her early years were spent in midwest where she learned to listen, observe, and reflect. Her films and art works explore themes of belonging, love and transformation.

Maria writes and directs short form content. Her most recent branded spot won a 2019 Gold Telly Award. She is a recipient of the 2017 Jerome Foundation Grant and 2013 WIFT Grant.

When not creating films she loves to work on music videos. Her music videos have been sought by labels including Warner and Universal and seen on MTV, VH1, Rollingstone and Nowness. Her latest music video for Polica "Agree" is a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Website Filmography

Filmmaker's note

“Dreamers” is a commentary on the struggle immigrants face, especially DACA recipients, to obtain papers and solidify their right to be in the United States. As an immigrant myself, I have seen many friends and family members in the system for years, tossed and turned and always buried under never ending forms and paper work. I hope this experimental story encourages more conversation about our current administrations’s actions. This country was build by immigrants and it’s on us to fight for our future, and our nation.

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