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Watchmaker At Time's End

World Premiere

Director: Shaheen Sheriff

India, 2020, 5 min

Festival Year:2020


Genres:Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction

Cast:Vishnu Chandran, Kiran Ravindran, Sunakshi Puri, Shaheen Sheriff

Crew:Writer: Shaheen Sheriff. Producers: Abida M Sherief, P V M Sheriff.


A failed marriage. A watchmaker. Meteorites. Time is uncomfortably relative in this Kerala town, and our hero struggles to make the perfect watch to keep up with the times.


About the director

Animates and illustrates for a living and for fun. Likes to experiment with mixed media including traditional techniques, digital animation, projection mapping, etc. Made a short film (Watchmaker at Time's End) utilizing only open source tools, and developed workflows using them. Trying to create animations set in Indian contexts.


Filmmaker's note

This movie is a mix of several things that I personally wanted to see on screen - an animated science fiction set in my hometown in Kerala, pulling together very regional elements to showcase a human story.

This is also an attempt to make a short 2D animation using only free open-source softwares, and trying to showcase the advantages they provide, so that more people may try them out and benefit from them. I'd tried to develop different workflows throughout production to come up with a technique to get 2d and 3d working together to get a unique look that serves the purpose of the story.

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