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Terrell Homes

US Premiere

Directors: Isaac Green Diebboll and Rita Fortenberry

United States, 2019, 15 min

Festival Year:2020

Category:Documentary Short


A story of strong mothers fighting for their home. Urban warriors -- Rita, Dorothy, Valerie, Linda and Rosemary -- African American tenants in public housing, wield the power of their voices to battle gentrification in Newark, NJ while preserving their ancestors' values of survival for future generations.


About the directors

Isaac Green Diebboll - Isaac has a background in the arts and filmmaking, as well as community organizing. He co-founded ENGN Civic Creative Center, a non-profit in Sullivan County, NY where he lives.


Rita Fortenberry - Rita lives in Terrell Homes and has a background in union organizing. She has worked as a nurse for most of her life in Newark, NJ and is currently retired. She spends her time fighting for justice, not only for Terrell Homes but for her neighbors and surrounding community as well.

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