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What the ... Cluck??! - still #1
What the ... Cluck??! - still #2
What the ... Cluck??! - still #3
What the ... Cluck??! - still #4
What the ... Cluck??! - still #5

What the ... Cluck??!

Directors: Amr El-Bayoumi and Mortada Gzar

United States, 2020, 5 min

Festival Year:2021


Cast:Fairouz Foty

Crew:Writer: Amr El-Bayoumi. Producers: Amr El-Bayoumi, Mortada Gzar.


Chickens flock in the comic, but often fatal, world of Doublespeak.

About the directors

Amr El-Bayoumi - Amr El-Bayoumi is an actor, voice-over artist, film maker, producer, lawyer and engineer based in Washington DC . He has written, produced and directed "Our Food", a short documentary about food in Egypt as a metaphor for cultural identity, and "Hot Towels", a short fiction film parodying Arab stereotypes and American identity.

Mortada Gzar - Mortada Gzar is an Iraqi novelist, filmmaker, and visual artist. Born in Kuwait in 1982, he has an engineering degree from the University of Baghdad, and has been a resident at the Iowa International Writers' Workshop. He has written, directed, and produced several films that have screened at international festivals.

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